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Our Sponsors 

We at Salty Paws would like to thank David and Sandy Walker (of Primary Fluid Systems Inc.) 

from Burlington, Ontario, Canada for their generous financial support as well as their interest in Salty Paw's mission to the care and health of our animals on Union Island. 

Salty Paws and our animal residents wish to thank “The Great Canadian Petfood Co.” for the high quality, nutritious food sent from Canada to our little rescue on Union Island in St.Vincent & the Grenadines.

There are always 25 to 30 dogs and cats being treated, recovering and hoping to find a forever hpome - we greatly appreciate your high quality food – it really makes a difference !

Thank you Great Canadian Petfood Co.





We would like to thank Heike and Rainer Stabenow of "Del Oro Foundation" in California for their continious support in funding our Spay & Neuter Clinics at Salty Paws on Union Island, which take place once a month. We have a Veterinary fly down for the weekend to perform the surgeries, treat sick animals and do animal check ups. Pre-Covid, Heike and Rainer covered the costs for volunteer vets staying on the island. 

Without them we would not be able to achieve our goals in trying to control the population of unwanted animals on the island. 

We have seen a big difference in the amount of sick, malnourished strays on the island and hope that with our efforts together, we can accomplish our goals.  Thank you from us and all the Union Island Animals. 

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