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Donate to our rescue & clinic 

Several homeless and abandoned animals each year are rescued by us.

We currently have over 30 animals living at Salty Paws and it is by no means cheap to run. That's why we need your support. 

Every dollar sent to us goes towards the feeding and caring of our rescued cats & dogs at Salty Paws. 

We also use the funds for buying all the medical supplies needed for our Spay & Neuter Clinics when we have visiting Vets. 

You can donate money by clicking the button below.

Our GoFundMe link is in British Pounds, so depending on how much you would like to donate, you can check the latest exchange rate before donating. 

For those wishing to donate in a different way, please contact us.

You can also donate supplies.

We always need:

Medical supplies. You can even ask your local Vet if they have any unwanted equipment or supplies that you can donate to us.

Sterile gloves, sterile gauze, syringes...

Sheets, towels, rags, clothing... (can be used but clean).

Puppy training pads, leashes & collars, flea and tick treatment, dewormer...

Dry and canned food for cats & dogs. 

Message us so we can tell you what we most need at the moment. 

You are also very welcome to send us stuff directly by mail or to our freight-forwarders in the UK or USA. Contact us.

Help us spread the word. The more donations we receive, the more we can continue on our mission to help these beautiful animals ! 

Without the assistance of donors, our life-saving work in this community would not be possible.


Many thanks to everyone that has donated so far !

Suggested Donations in USD:

  • $50 to spay/neuter a cat or dog 

  • $45 to feed 2 dogs for a month at Salty Paws 

  • $10 to deworm 4 stray dogs 

  • Whatever amount you send, we are grateful

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