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​Want to Volunteer ?

If you're a skilled and qualified vet, and want to have the experience of a lifetime on this beautiful island by helping out the animals in need, look no further. 

The health of Union Island's animals is our main priority.

Our aim is to control the population of stray animals on our island by spaying and neutering as many cats and dogs as possible. 

Send us a message if you're interested in volunteering at Salty Paws Animal Rescue & Clinic, so that we can give you some more information. 

If you plan to come to Union Island or you are already here, come on over to us at Salty Paws and introduce yourself. Our cats and dogs will be very happy to see you !

Not a Vet ?....that's ok. You can still help out at Salty Paws.

Message us !


​​Help make a difference and sign up
to volunteer today!

​Send us a message if you're interested in helping us out at Salty Paws.

Thanks for wanting to volunteer !

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